Facebook Group

Hey everyone! The Milwaukee Go Club now has a Facebook Group. The Group should make it easier for club members to keep in touch, especially during our annual Summer and Winter Hiatus periods. (Join Here)

Major club updates, official meetings, and scheduling information will continue to be posted here on our blog. (milwaukeego.wordpress.com).

Hope you’re all having a great summer!

T-shirt design

The T-shirt will probably be based on the banner, unless anyone has any better ideas.

It will probably cost about $10 and be black & white on tan.

It will probably take at least 6 weeks to arrive ….

E-mail to specify your size.

Last big GO time before the summer

We’ve got people to say hello to and good-bye to.  Maybe news about summer go at the Biergarten in Estabrook Park?  Anyone interested in ordering a Milwaukee Go Club T-shirt?

Let’s get everyone together before people scatter for the summer: UWM Union 7pm this Sat 6/6.

See you!

m i l w a u k e e g o /a/ g m a i l

Holiday Folk Fair


The Holiday Folk Fair is looking for volunteers to play and teach go.

The greatest need right now is for

** two volunteers to demo go on Friday evening 5-9pm.

There may also be a slot for two volunteers Sat+Sun (3-5pm Sat plus 2-4pm Sunday).

Demo’ing involves playing and explaining what you’re doing.

Volunteers receive free entry.

Please e-mail milwaukeego at gmail if you would be interested in spreading the word about go.