Yes, you’re in the right place.

People are meeting again in person to play Go (baduk, weiqi, igo) in Milwaukee. Whether or not the posts are current, you can and should drop us a note on gmail to get looped in. The next meeting will be Thursday May 19 at 1pm at the Milwaukee Public Market, upstairs. Bring your board+stones if you have any. — MilwaukeeGo

Welcome to the Milwaukee Go Club!

We’re thrilled to have been a community partner for the Milwaukee Film Festival’s screening of AlphaGo.
And we’re even more happy that you’ve found the Milwaukee Go Club.
If you can, follow our Facebook page — — which is updated much more frequently than this blog.
You’ll find a great community of people with whom to play go in person or online.

T-shirts now available

Hello all,
The Milwaukee Go T-shirts are finally back in my possession and thus available for purchase ($10 or whatever seems reasonable to you — I’m not making any profit on them). Make it a nice Christmas present for yourself or a friend!
Contact m i l w a u k e e g o -at- g m a i l , thanks!

Roll call

Hi, who’s out there who’s still interested in playing go in person in spring 2016?

I know about L. W. and M. F.  Can others who are interested comment here and/or put something on the Facebook page?

By the way I have Milwaukee Go t-shirts — full-color and pretty nice looking, I think!



Tues Oct 13 event

From the Japanese Cultural Association at UWM:

There will be an Igo event at UWM in the Union room 143 on October 13th, from 3:30 to 5:00. The goal of the event is to introduce people to Igo, but there will be a few better players coming. The event is being hosted by the Japanese Cultural Association, but anyone is welcome to come. I am one of the main officers hosting this event. I chanced upon your website and email address, and it seemed worthwhile to email you.

I hope all is well with you,

Peter G.

Fall Schedule

For the Fall 2015 semester, we do not have an official schedule. Attendance has been inconsistent this semester, so I am not comfortable announcing an official return to weekly meetings. When we do meet, the time and place are still 7:30pm on Saturdays at the UW Milwaukee Student Union; it just hasn’t been very often lately.

We now have 12 members on our Facebook group (link here), which we have used to arrange a handful of meetings over the past few months. If you’d like to meet some Wisconsin players for an informal game, the Milwaukee Go group is the place to do it!

If activity picks up, and I know for sure that a meeting will occur, I will announce it here (on WordPress) a few days in advance.

Thanks for checking in! Any questions, feel free to email or join the Facebook group mentioned above.


Facebook Group

Hey everyone! The Milwaukee Go Club now has a Facebook Group. The Group should make it easier for club members to keep in touch, especially during our annual Summer and Winter Hiatus periods. (Join Here)

Major club updates, official meetings, and scheduling information will continue to be posted here on our blog. (

Hope you’re all having a great summer!

T-shirt design

The T-shirt will probably be based on the banner, unless anyone has any better ideas.

It will probably cost about $10 and be black & white on tan.

It will probably take at least 6 weeks to arrive ….

E-mail to specify your size.