Iowa Weekend of Go

The people of Cyclone Go Club at Iowa State University is hosting Iowa Weekend of Go. Here is the information:

The Cyclone Go Club is happy to invite all of you to our biggest event
of the semester, the Iowa Weekend of Go. This is a two day event with
a Go Seminar on Saturday and the All-Iowa Tournament on Sunday
(December 7 and 8).

What: Iowa Weekend of GO
When: December 6 and 7
Where: Iowas State University

~~++~~ Seminar ~~++~~
The seminar on December 6 is a full day seminar with lectures in the
morning and games in the afternoon, after lunch. You will have a
chance to implement the new knowledge you acquire and then have the
game reviewed. The seminar is prepared by our own Kyle Blocher, who
has been actively studying Go since January 2006 and teaching since
January 2007. In the summer of 2008 Kyle went to China to train under
Liu Yuanbo 2P. Currently Kyle offers private lessons and is also
teaching a Go class at Iowa State University. He is currently a
4-dan amateur (

Fee — Club Member: $25 (Pre-Registration), $45 (At-Door)
Non Member: $35 (Pre-Registration), $55 (At-Door)

~~++~~ All-Iowa Tournament ~~++~~
The All-Iowa Tournament is the biggest tournament in Iowa. It is held
twice a year on spring and fall, and it constantly brings players from
all over the Midwest. This is a handicapped tournament for the Iowa
Cup. The All-Iowa tournament regularly has prizes from Yellow Mountain
and Slate and Shell, but this year we also have cash prizes. We are
giving $150* to 1st place and $100* to second place.

Fee — Club Member: $20 (Pre-Registration), $40 (At-Door)
Non Member: $25 (Pre-Registration), $45 (At-Door)

*This amount is based on participation estimates and my vary at the
time of the tournament.

For more information, go to Cyclone Go Club.


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