The Cyclone Go Club All-Iowa Tournament at Iowa State University.

The Cyclone Go Club of Iowa State University is having their semi-annual All-Iowa Tournament. Here’s the information.


Go Players of the Midwest,

The Cyclone Go Club is happy to invite all of you to our biggest event
of the semester, the All-Iowa Tournament. This is a special year as
James Kerwin 1P ( is be joining us
for the first time.

What: All-Iowa Tournament
When: April 25th, 2009
Where: Gallery Room (3rd Floor Memorial Union), Iowas State University

The All-Iowa Tournament is the biggest tournament in Iowa. It is held
twice a year on spring and fall, and it constantly brings players from
all over the Midwest. This is a handicapped tournament for the Iowa
Cup. The All-Iowa tournament regularly has prizes from Yellow Mountain
and Slate and Shell, but this year we also have cash prizes. We are
giving $150* to 1st place and $100* to second place.

Kerwin Sensei is holding a virtual review section after the
tournament. The Cyclone Go Club will have everything ready for you to
experience the wonderful review style that has made James Kerwin
famous. This reviews are free of charge and there will be plenty of
time to get everyone interested a review.

Fee —
Club Member: $20 (Pre-Registration), $30 (At-Door)
Non Member: $25 (Pre-Registration), $35(At-Door)

*This amount is based on participation estimates and my vary at the
time of the tournament.

~~++~~ Lodging ~~++~~
Some members of the Cyclone Go Club have volunteered their houses and
apartments for lodging. This is free first-come-first-serve lodging.
Space is limited so please let us know as soon as you can. Other
lodging option in Ames is the Memorial Union Hotel,

where the seminar and tournament are taking place.

~~++~~ Questions ~~++~~
If you have questions you may contact the club at,

Come and join the Cyclone Go Club for some exiting Go!!!!!
Ramon Mercado
President Cyclone Go Club


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