Good and bad news for Milwaukee GO

Dear Milwaukee Go community,

You may have heard the terrible news already: Kay Ishizuka, who was a prime mover in the Milwaukee GO scene, and the originator of this blog, was hit by a car and killed last week.  The first time I met her, she introduced me to the go club.  The last time I saw her, she had traveled up from Florida to defend her PhD dissertation — but had, from half a continent away, organized a go tournament here for that same weekend, complete with beautiful flyers.  She was so helpful and energetic with the tournament that I had no idea her “other” activity of the weekend was such a momentous and important one.  If people are interested, we can create some kind of memorial — perhaps an event in her honor.  

Now for some more positive news.  This Saturday night at 7pm, we have the honor of hosting Lisa Scott, newly elected Central Region Director of the American Go Association.  This will be a great chance to connect with the wider go world: regional, national, and international.  Lots of great opportunities!  

Please come and meet Ms. Scott.  She will be at Bayshore’s Board Game Barrister 7pm on Saturday 10/9; she will also be at LaLumiere Hall Rm 262 on the Marquette University campus, 4pm on Sunday 10/10.  

For more info, contact  


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