Go players of all levels, please consider signing up for igolocal.net. See http://igolocal.net/about.php for more information. In their words:

Igolocal.net is a Local social networking and community building tool, specifically for Go players. More than this, it is a Go server for the physical world.
Its stated goal: to support existing local Go communities and create ones where none now exist.
Our premise: that for each Go player you know in your home town, there are 5 more that you don’t know about.
Our mission: to connect Go players locally, get them off the computer and out into the sunshine.

In any case, the Milwaukee Go Club meets at 7pm this Saturday at Bayshore.

Normal meeting times are on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, outside the Board Game Barrister store at Bayshore Mall near the Rotunda where performances are held.
Since the 4th Saturday this month is Christmas, that meeting will be cancelled.

A tournament earlier in the day this Saturday:
December 11: Chicago, IL
(Arlington Heights
Winter Tournament
Bob Barber 773.467.0423 komoku@earthlink.net
Mark Rubenstein mark@easyaspi.com


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