see you this saturday at GO club!

See you at Bayshore near Board Game Barrister this Saturday 7pm, now featuring our own relatively-easy-to-spot banner.

There’s a good friendly tournament in IL on 3/5.  Stop by or e-mail for more info. 
That’s also the same day that the Ing Foundation GO School Teams Tournament takes place. 


2 thoughts on “see you this saturday at GO club!

    1. First find Bayshore Town Center, the mall in Glendale near route I-43 at the Silver Spring exit. Inside Bayshore there is a store call Board Game Barrister. Their phone number is 414-963-2100. The go club meets near their store, and they will always know where we are.

      Below is more information provided by Board Game Barrister.

      Bayshore Town Center / North Shore
      5738 North Bayshore Drive
      Suite D-100
      Glendale, WI 53217
      Phone 414-963-2100
      » Map it
      Located in the rotunda, below the IPic and Bar Louie, across from Alterra Coffee, near Boston Store and Forever 21.

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