Milwaukee Go Club this Saturday & July 23

The Milwaukee Go Club meets this Saturday (as it normally does every 2nd and 4th Saturday)
at 7pm at Bayshore mall near Board Game Barrister.

And — save the date — the go festival+tournament at the Milwaukee Art Museum Summer of China is ON for Saturday July 23.   Tournament play will take place INSIDE the special exhibits.  What an atmosphere!  See the special exhibit website:

The festival is for people who don't feel ready to play in a tournament (e.g., little kids who are not serious about the game, or people who are just curious and passing by). 

The tournament will be an official AGA-rated handicap tournament (4-6 games, with minimal waiting time between games).
If you don't have an approximate rating, come about an hour early so you can play a bit and we can get you properly matched and handicapped. 

I'm not sure about the registration fee yet but besides admission to the museum and special exhibit, I've just received confirmation that Hinoki Press will donate one of their well-regarded books to everyone who registers.  You'll need to be(come) a member of the AGA (American Go Association) but prices for that are very reasonable and you can feel good about supporting the existence of a go community in the USA. 

I think this will be a fabulous day!  Please let me know if you think you can take part, and/or invite a friend.  If they're not a go player, bring them to the museum.  I'm confident you'll find it worthwhile.  Spread the word! 


2 thoughts on “Milwaukee Go Club this Saturday & July 23

    1. Hi, sorry I didn’t see this in time! I am not really a proficient blogger but am doing this because Kay is gone. Anyway, send us your e-mail and I’ll put you on the mailing list if you’re not already on it.

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