GO night: Yes, 9/24 is a 4th Saturday

First things first: This Saturday, 9/24 is a 4th Saturday, and thus it is a GO night. See you at Board Game Barrister inside Bayshore Town Center (Bayshore mall) anytime after 7pm! There’s usually people playing till at least 8:30 but often quite a bit later than that. If you want to check, you can call Board Game Barrister and ask — 414-963-2100.  They’re good for directions, too.

Second:  Somebody approached me and proposed that we host an annual 13×13 “express go” tournament to be held at the Mitchell Park Domes in January/February (near the Lunar New Year).  And we’ll probably have some space at the Holiday Folk Fair for a demo sometime during that (weekend before Thanksgiving).

Third: There’s still space in the go class Sunday afternoons at Marquette.  It’s only $35 for the whole semester (Sept – January), which is a good deal.  Go to “register” at www.MMCSweb.com.

See you Saturday, and/or Sunday!



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