Go Night: This is a 4th Saturday 10/22

… so, see you at Go night! (every 2nd and 4th Saturday at Board Game Barrister in Glendale’s Bayshore mall).

A reminder that go lessons are available on Sundays at 4-5pm in LaLumiere Hall Room 262 on the Marquette Univ campus.

For the first time this year, we have some opportunities to do go demos at the Holiday Folk Fair and spread the word about go.  Anyone who would be interested in playing go and explaining what you’re doing, we hope you can join us there.  You’ll get a free ticket for the HFF too!

Here are the time slots we have been given:
11/18/2011 (Fri): 5-8pm
11/19/2011 (Sat): 11am-2pm (new)
11/19/2011 (Sat): 2pm-5pm
11/19/2011 (Sat): 5pm-8pm (new)
11/20/2011 (Sun):10am-1pm

E-mail or comment to sign up or inquire about anything!


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