Tues Oct 13 event

From the Japanese Cultural Association at UWM:

There will be an Igo event at UWM in the Union room 143 on October 13th, from 3:30 to 5:00. The goal of the event is to introduce people to Igo, but there will be a few better players coming. The event is being hosted by the Japanese Cultural Association, but anyone is welcome to come. I am one of the main officers hosting this event. I chanced upon your website and email address, and it seemed worthwhile to email you.

I hope all is well with you,

Peter G.


One thought on “Tues Oct 13 event

  1. I hope that you consider having more events during the upcoming spring 2016! As a student who is new to Go it would be thrilling to meet some more people who share my affinity for the game

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