Every Saturday now, at UWM Union

We’re meeting every Saturday now in the UWM Union at the corner of Kenwood and Maryland on the eastside of Milwaukee. Look for the banner by the tables in the food court area. For now it’ll still be 7pm but please weigh in on whether it would be better or worse for you to change it to the afternoon, starting at say 2pm or 4pm. We need your thoughts on this!


Milwaukee GO Club now meeting 2nd + 4th Saturdays

Per Lisa Scott’s suggestion, we’re meeting on 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month.  This is a change to the schedule, which used to be every other week.  See you next Saturday (second Saturday of November) starting at 7pm!   We’ll be playing somewhere in the vicinity of Board Game Barrister. If for some reason we’re not visible, come into the store and they should be able to direct you.  Also — we ran into a problem with this last time — the mall is still stopping people under 18 (without an adult) at the door on weekends, despite the fact that they took down the big signs.  The security guards said later that it would be okay to ask them to take a message to whoever is already at the table and have them come out to fetch you.  Or make sure a parent can walk you in.